Thursday, January 1, 2009

sister friends

Our family knows that Annabel rarely calls her sister by her proper name. Instead she calls her "sister friend". I do not know why she has started this, she knows Cailin's name but chooses not to used it. The girls have a special bond. I think they realize early in their lives that they are not only sisters, but also friends. I pray this love for each other and closeness remains throughout their lives. As someone who did not have a sister, I am so amazed by their closeness and relationship even at such an early age! They will always be SISTER FRIENDS!

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  1. "sister friend, you've gone too far!!!" ....when cailin was riding her bike down the street. i wish i had a clip of her saying it! so fun that y'all have a blog now! i have a lot of updating to do on mine! hope y'all are well and COME SEE US!!!!!